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5 o'clock apron

The Five O'Clock Apron

Proper Food For Modern Families

"One of the best family cookbooks I've seen in years." Diana Henry

'Food. It's terribly important stuff and we'll be eating it for the rest of our lives. So we'd best set about it making it taste the very best it can be.'

I'm very happy to announce that we will be publishing the lovely Claire Thomson's first book in Spring 2015. Claire is a busy mum to three young daughters; she's also a chef with her own restaurant, Flinty Red, in Bristol. Frustrated by the widespread reliance on ready meals and products aimed solely at children, she has made it her mission to cook a 'proper' tea every single day and tweet it at 5 p.m. Hence 5 O’Clock Apron.

Her book is aimed at parents who enjoy cooking in their spare time, but who are probably at work all day and panic at the thought of having to cook one meal for the grown-ups and one meal for the children. Her ideas encompass more than just cooking – they include the fun of picking blackberries together, of squeezing fruit for juices, and even making cheese.

It's relaxed yet aspirational cooking with your kids – with the emphasis on healthy, real food shared together, both in the making and the eating. 

Available in all good book shops and online - £20

Published by Ebury Press

Photographs by Mike Lusmore

5 O'Clock Apron in the press: